Georgian real estate

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Each type of investment comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, millions agree that real estate is the best type of investment as the pros clearly outnumber and exceed the cons. One of the two major indicators which investors look at when deciding where to invest their money is risk. Real estate is known as a low risk investment. Since you are buying assets you can not lose your money, you will always have your physical property.

The trouble is that many new investors do not know where or how to invest in real estate. That's why we are going to be your guide to the beautiful destinations in Georgia and introduce you to the benefits of investing in Georgian real estate market. The major reason to invest in Georgia is financial stability and its geographic location. The country is a crossroad between the two continents, generating priceless opportunities for import and export activities. Georgia has one of the lowest taxes worldwide standing on the 9th position. The country offers a huge number of absolutely stunning tourism attractions which are annually making millions of tourists all over the world pick Georgia as their destination.

Real estate is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Georgian economy. If you are considering buying a real estate for rental income in Georgia, average annual return on investment is 9%. Georgia has had a constantly growing number of visitors during recent years; in 2018, around 8.7 million visitors visited Georgia, while the population of the country is 3.7 million people. Georgia connects Asia to Europe through three international airports. The country has a visa free regime with citizens of 94 countries all over the world. Main destinations of the country are: Tbilisi, Batumi and mountains

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