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      Real estate trade occupies one of the leading positions in the Georgian market. The interest of both Georgian and foreign consumers in this market segment is not losing relevance. Given the current reality and the existing requirements, the website combines such a wide range of real estate as buying, selling and renting apartments throughout Georgia.

     On this real estate trading platform you will find apartments, houses and hotels for people of all tastes and budgets. Flexible and customer-oriented search engine helps you to find real estate with such parameters as: city, street, zip code, etc. It does not matter what category of services you are looking for: apartments for living or renting, private houses for rent or seasonal use, apartments for daily rent or hotels of different categories and locations. With the help of advanced search options, any user can easily find the information they want.

  It should also be noted that each application is accompanied by a map, which facilitates the perception of exactly where this or that object is located. In addition, it is possible to request information about the selected real estate directly from the website.

   In case the information posted on the website is insufficient and you want to receive additional information, you will be able to receive this service without leaving the website. In addition, you can visit Geoluxs.com Facebook page directly from the website, and ask additional questions via Messenger and Whats App.


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