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    Hotel in Borjomi - Green house
    Apartment for daily rent in Borjomi

    Borjomi, Georgia

    Private house for rent in Borjomi, 7 minutes walk from the park, the house is a newly renovated beautiful view, with two bedrooms, both rooms have a private bathroom. Available ...

    • 70
    • Price m²$0.36
    • DistrictBorjomi
    • TypeVilla
  • hotel -Real Estate Agency
    Hotel City Borjomi


    Hotel City Borjomi is located on Rustaveli Street in Borjomi, near the park, with a beautiful view of the city from the hotel rooms. The rooms are distinguished by modern design and cleanliness. Hotel ...

    • 10,000
    • Price m²$0.01
    • DistrictBorjomi
    • TypeHotel



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